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Re: How to build circular dependant packages in debian

On 2021-09-19 01:24:32 +0000 (+0000), Paul Wise wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 18, 2021 at 2:35 PM Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> > http://lists.starlingx.io/pipermail/starlingx-discuss/2021-September/012058.html
> Hmm, this site has a confusing way of not supporting https.

Thanks for the feedback! Other than simply not currently supporting
HTTPS (after all, it's an HTTP URL), what was confusing about the
way it didn't? Or are you just saying you're confused that there's
still a site on the Web which doesn't serve HTTPS?

Unrelated to the subject, but asking since I'm one of the sysadmins
for the OpenDev Collaboratory which includes this server which hosts
a number of Mailman 2.x mailing lists for a variety of F/LOSS
projects including StarlingX. We do have plans to switch the static
archive sites for them to HTTPS, but it hasn't seemed like an
especially high priority because the security model for MM2 is
pretty nonexistent, so the idea is to do it while we're rewriting
all the configuration management for a migration to MM3 which
actually benefits from the additional transport security in
meaningful ways. If there's a reason we should prioritize an HTTPS
implementation there over other work, then I'll see about separating
out that particular task from the larger effort.
Jeremy Stanley

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