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Re: Bug#995189: RFH: isc-dhcp

On 9/27/21 9:15 PM, Marco d'Itri wrote:
On Sep 28, Noah Meyerhans <noahm@debian.org> wrote:

Should it be mentioned what the new recommended DHCP server for general
use will be?

ISC Kea?

I haven't converted to it, but that's their replacement for dhcpd.

I think that a good default would be systemd-networkd for servers and
NetworkManager for systems with Wi-Fi or a GUI.

That seems reasonable.

I don't think we should install something
like netplan by default.

I agree: it only adds complexity.

I personally use netplan everywhere.

As to what should be the distro default, I'm not sure I am convinced either way, but to argue the other side... There is some value in using netplan by default. Some random thoughts:

This default would match Ubuntu. (I value reducing that delta. Not everyone does, and that's fine.)

netplan can configure both systemd-networkd and NetworkManager (though I've only used it with systemd-networkd).

In my non-trivial configurations, the netplan YAML input is half as many lines as its networkd output. This is with the input including a bit of comments and the boilerplate, disabling dhcp, and using YAML's more verbose list syntax (separate lines vs one line). I don't see anything wrong with its output that I could simplify.

Again, in this non-trivial configuration, I think it's more useful to have one netplan YAML file than 24 separate networkd files. This is especially true when I'm building this file from an Ansible template and most of it (by volume) is built by loops.

In the trivial case, it's 19 lines of netplan (16 if you exclude the stock comment) vs 25 lines of systemd-networkd, both in single files. That's not a huge difference.


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