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Re: Wine MinGW system libraries

On 9/8/21 3:13 AM, Simon McVittie wrote:
> As far as I understand it, the PE loader used for Wine is part of Wine,
> so it has total control over the libraries that it loads and how it loads
> them. This means that if Wine developers (the experts on this codebase)
> have decided a libcapsule-like approach isn't feasible or isn't desirable,
> they are probably right.

Could the PE loader add support for some sort of namespaces and then be
told to load Wine dependencies within a Wine namespace?

Does the Microsoft Windows loader support anything like this?

Recompiling every PE library with special flags or renaming every PE
library with a Wine prefix seems a bit tedious if just the PE loader
and anything that requests Wine deps can use a namespace/capsule/etc.

On Wed, 2021-09-08 at 10:42 -0500, Zebediah Figura wrote:

> The basic reason is that Wine is essentially trying to split itself into 
> "PE" and "Unix" parts. The idea is that all of the "user" code is built 
> in PE format, and only calls into unix code by making a sort of fake 
> syscall. The "kernel" code is built in ELF format.
> There are a few basic reasons for doing this:

Definitely seems like the right thing to do for Wine.



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