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Re: Finding rough consensus on level of vendoring for large upstreams

Hi Phil,

First of all, thanks for compiling the list of reasonings.

I get the impression that you are framing current state of embedding as 
a generally good thing to do, and if I understand that correctly then I 
disagree with it.

I suspect that it helps if separating reasons for _encouraging_ 
embedding (tiny upstream projects and deeply integrated sets of 
upstreams, I guess) from reasons for _discouraging_ embdding (all other 
cases, I guess).

Quoting Phil Morrell (2021-09-03 00:38:35)
> 5. Where only a small number of unrelated projects are bundled, they
>    SHOULD be uploaded as separate source packages.

Concretely I think not I but ftpmaster objects to the above: Node.js 
packages embed unrelated packages to meet ftpmaster requirement of a 
minimum size source package.

 - Jonas

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