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Re: ps in cloud images

I might have been imprecise in saying 'cloud' images, but I mean:

$ docker run -it --rm debian:bullseye bash
root@3ee3e7c4ce62:/# ps
bash: ps: command not found

> I think that `reportbug cloud.debian.org` would be the > place to discuss this

Thanks Paul. I wasn't sure where to send it.

On Mon, Sep 13 2021 at 11:21:29 -0700, Noah Meyerhans <noahm@debian.org> wrote:
On Sun, Sep 12, 2021 at 09:33:54PM +0100, mooff wrote:
IMO, many human hours will be lost by the decision not to include procps in
 the default cloud images.

I understand it could be a security measure, but maybe stubs could be
 offered which name the package we want (procps)

 Tracing my third call to apt-file search bin/ps ;)

What cloud images are you looking at?  The images built by the Debian
cloud team *do* include procps.  See the manifests for (some of) the
current bullseye images, all of which indicate that procps is included:


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