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Re: Freeipa-client in Debian11

Simon McVittie kirjoitti 4.9.2021 klo 19.44:
> On Sat, 04 Sep 2021 at 17:02:50 +0300, Timo Aaltonen wrote:
>> On 4.9.2021 11.58, Marc Haber wrote:
>>> You're of course free to roll your own, local package. It shold be
>>> possible. Just don't expect any official movement in Debian stable,
>>> testing or stable-backports until that RC bug is fixed or resolved in
>>> some other way.
>> Why? The bug is about the server, doesn't involve the client in any way
>> (other than they're built from the same source)...
> At the risk of stating the obvious: testing migration, release-critical
> bug monitoring, removals from testing, removals from unstable, etc. all
> operate at the level of source packages, not binary packages. A source
> package is either suitable for inclusion in stable or it isn't; it is
> not possible to include half a source package in stable.
> If the client is useful and usable, but the server is RC-buggy, one
> possible route would be to stop building the server-related binary
> packages until they can be fixed, so that every remaining binary package
> is non-RC-buggy.

Yes, that's what I did before, kept the full build in experimental and
only client in sid etc. But that's a pain to keep in sync and get tested
etc.. What I'd backport is not the exact version of what's in sid,
instead the server build would be disabled.

If that's not possible then maybe I'll postpone the backport until the
server works again... however long that'll take.


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