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Re: dh_install -X not excluding any files

On 2021-09-14 John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
> I'm currently working on packaging KIWI [1] for Debian where I need to
> exclude on of the binaries from being installed into /usr/bin.

> I tried using "dh_install -Xkiwicompat" [2] but that doesn't work no
> matter what variation I'm trying, the binary kiwicompat still gets
> installed into /usr/bin.

> Does anyone have a clue why excluding "kiwicompat" doesn't work?


It is not installed by dh_install:
| dh_auto_install
| [...]
| running install_scripts
| Installing kiwi-ng script to /dev/shm/KIW/kiwi-debian/debian/kiwi/usr/bin
| Installing kiwicompat script to /dev/shm/KIW/kiwi-debian/debian/kiwi/usr/bin
| make[1]: Leaving directory '/dev/shm/KIW/kiwi-debian'
|    debian/rules override_dh_install
| make[1]: Entering directory '/dev/shm/KIW/kiwi-debian'
| dh_install -Xkiwicompat

Since there is only a single binary package dh_auto_install installs
directly to debian/kiwi/
(sid)ametzler@argenau:/dev/shm/KIW/kiwi-debian$ dh_auto_install --no-act --verbo
        make -j1 install DESTDIR=/dev/shm/KIW/kiwi-debian/debian/kiwi AM_UPDATE_INFO_DIR=no "INSTALL=install --strip-program=true"

Since you are already overriding dh_auto_install you could simply rm the
offending file there.

cu Andreas

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