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Re: partman, growlight, discoverable partitions, and fun

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz left as an exercise for the reader:
> So, you are not using libparted then?

i am not.

> Yes, it is important as we're supporting these architectures in Debian Ports
> and I invested quite some time to get Atari partition support added [1],
> for example.

I'd be delighted to support them -- as in, I am honestly eager
to add ATARI support; that sounds awesome -- I just need some
way to test the implementations, either via someone running it
on the environment, or getting access to such a machine.

> I think it makes little sense to not use libparted as it already supports
> all common and less common partition types and reimplementing everything
> that libparted makes little sense to me.

parted did not have ZFS support when I embarked on this project
(it appears to have it now). i would not be opposed to
leveraging libparted if it presents a definite advantage;
supporting more partition types, so long as it exposes an API i
can easily work with, would be such an advantage.

i do note that libparted2 is 621K in the archive, whereas
growlight itself is only 555K. it is of course possible that
all that weight is desirable functionality.

with that said, i would *still want to test on the target
environment*, to make sure i'm using libparted correctly there.
so that necessity remains.

would this allay your concerns?


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