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Bug#994838: ITP: libregexp-pattern-defhash-perl -- Regexp patterns related to DefHash

Package: wnpp
Owner: Étienne Mollier <emollier@debian.org>
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-devel@lists.debian.org, debian-perl@lists.debian.org

* Package name    : libregexp-pattern-defhash-perl
  Version         : 0.001
  Upstream Author : perlancar <perlancar@cpan.org>
* URL             : https://metacpan.org/release/Regexp-Pattern-DefHash
* License         : Artistic or GPL-1+
  Programming Lang: Perl
  Description     : Regexp patterns related to DefHash

Regexp::Pattern is a convention for organizing reusable regex patterns.

The package will be maintained under the umbrella of the Debian Perl Group.

Generated with the help of dpt-gen-itp(1) from pkg-perl-tools.

This package is needed for updating libhash-defhash-perl.

Have a nice day,  :)
Étienne Mollier <emollier@emlwks999.eu>
Fingerprint:  8f91 b227 c7d6 f2b1 948c  8236 793c f67e 8f0d 11da
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