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Re: partman, growlight, discoverable partitions, and fun

Wouter Verhelst left as an exercise for the reader:
> iSCSI works very differently and is way more complex, but I remember
> from when I last played with it (which is a while ago, so the details
> are hazy) that it's not possible to set up in a non-persistent manner
> (i.e., all iSCSI connections survive reboot unless explicitly deleted,
> although obviously partman-iscsi has to do some dark magic to ensure the
> configuration is migrated from the d-i environment to the live system).

i've actually worked pretty extensively with iSCSI--i presented
on it at LPC2015 [0] =]. as far as i understand, iSCSI
connections are initiated and managed by the iscsid userspace
daemon (aside from root-on-iSCSI, which uses iscsistart, or at
least did. UEFI/BIOS iSCSI can also server here).

> There's also ATA-over-Ethernet, Fibrechannel-over-ethernet, multipath,
> and a whole slew of other things, if you want to configure this from
> growlight.

as you note, most of this is not stuff i want to slap a UI on,
but i'd certainly want to hit full partman feature parity...in
time. if it's best early on, i feel no shame punting more
esoteric setups to partman; as i've said, i would expect partman
to remain present on the installation media for at least some
significant time.

> I could be wrong though, haven't looked at growlight in much detail, and
> in the end it's your call, not mine :-D

nope, pretty much totally correct.



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