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Re: $*/$@/$IFS and Bourne vs Almquist vs Korn vs mksh $*/$@/$IFS and Bourne vs Almquist vs Korn vs mksh (Was: bash exorcism experiment ('bug' 762923 & 763012)) Re: Built-Using, again… Built-Using, again… Re: Built-Using, again… Re: [OT] $*/$@/$IFS and Bourne vs Almquist vs Korn vs mksh [PATCH] link buildd admin mail template to organisational chart listing them Re: [Testing] Mounting /usr in the initramfs Re: Accepted tasksel 3.29 (source all) into unstable Adding and using repositories during package installation? Re: Allow encfs into jessie? Any news about Blends in tasks selection (Was: Debian Installer Jessie Beta 2 release) Re: apache2 issues apt-get install sysvinit-core removes gnome? aptitude dependency-resolver behaviors (was Re: apt-get install sysvinit-core removes gnome?) Auto moto gume zimska ponuda Automating downloads Re: bash exorcism experiment ('bug' 762923 & 763012) Re: bash without importing shell functions from the environment Re: BSP - chasse aux bugs - Novemb{re,er} 14-16 2014, Paris, France Re: Bug#720517: configuration files, ownership and dpkg-statoverride Re: Bug#724344: ITP: bdsync -- bdsync is a fast block device synchronizing tool Re: Bug#752450: please consider to strongly tighten the validity period of Release files Re: Bug#757941: static linking: alternatives for glibc? Re: Re: Bug#760592: ITP: bsdowl -- bmake macros for building OCaml projects, TeX projects, and more Re: Bug#762361: build-essential: Depends: make -> make-guile Re: Bug#762949: ITP: obs-build -- scripts for building RPM/debian packages for multiple distributions Bug#763591: ITP: murano-dashboard -- cloud-ready application catalog Bug#763704: ITP: sisu-inject -- Dependency Injection container for Java Bug#763752: ITP: sisu-plexus -- Plexus adapter for the Sisu dependency injection container Bug#763828: ITP: php-amqlib -- pure PHP implementation of the AMQP protocol Bug#763836: ITP: rhc -- OpenShift command-line tools Bug#763916: ITP: node-browserify-lite -- bundle client-side JavaScript using Node.js-style module syntax Bug#763930: ITP: mysecureshell -- SFTP Server with ACL Bug#763998: ITP: libopengl-image-perl -- Image loader for OpenGL Bug#764006: ITP: wnckmm -- This package provides a C++ wrapper to libwnck Bug#764007: ITP: meek -- Pluggable transport to circumvent IP address blocking via public services Bug#764008: ITP: emerald -- 0.9.7-beta1 Bug#764071: ITP: toxic -- a curses Tox based instant messenging client Bug#764112: ITP: mlbviewer -- Curses interface to the MLB.TV media offering Bug#764115: ITP: baloo-kcmadv -- advanced configuration module for KDE Desktop Search Bug#764200: ITP: rbdoom3bfg -- Doom3 BFG edition game engine Bug#764211: ITP: yaggo -- generate command line parser using getopt_long Bug#764232: ITP: gubbins -- Gubbins (Genealogies Unbiased By recomBinations In Nucleotide Sequences) is an algorithm that iteratively identifies loci containing elevated densities of base substitutions while concurrently constructing a phylogeny based on the putative point mutations outside of these regions. Bug#764252: ITP: librocket -- User interface middleware package based HTML and CSS Bug#764325: ITP: ddate -- convert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates Bug#764391: ITP: usbrelay -- USB HID relay driver Bug#764439: ITP: jackson-dataformat-cbor -- Jackson data format module for "Concise Binary Object Representation" Bug#764475: ITP: singular -- commutative algebra system Bug#764497: ITP: eclipse-aether -- Library to handle Java artifact repositories Bug#764515: ITP: libsys-meminfo-perl -- Perl module to query the total free and used physical memory Bug#764543: ITP: python-pyld -- implementation of the JSON-LD API Re: Bug#764549: ITP: siril -- Astronomical image processing tool Bug#764560: ITP: txjsonrpc -- Library for creating Twisted JSON-RPC servers and clients Bug#764567: ITP: obs-build -- Build DEB/RPM packages for various distributions inside a chroot Re: Bug#764606: dgit and upstream git repos [and 1 more messages] Bug#764659: general: Login screen misspells distro name as "debain" Bug#764684: RFA: splash -- Visualisation tool for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics simulation Bug#764712: ITP: node-crc -- module for calculating Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Bug#764731: ITP: r-cran-spam -- GNU R functions for sparse matrix algebra Bug#764764: ITP: libdevel-checkbin-perl -- module to check that a command is available Bug#764819: ITP: jenkins-matrix-auth-plugin -- Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin for Jenkins Bug#764860: ITP: otb -- ORFEO Toolbox Bug#764887: ITP: node-etag -- entity tag creator - Node.js module Re: Bug#764890: ITP: dk-filter - DomainKeys for Sendmail/SMTP (RFC-4870) Bug#764931: ITP: django-assets -- integrate webassets into Django applications Bug#764945: ITP: djangorestframework-nested-resource -- DRF view mixin for nested resources Bug#764969: ITP: djangorestframework-gis -- Geographic add-ons for Django REST Framework Bug#764975: ITP: lysdr -- simple software-defined radio Bug#765011: ITP: jenkins-matrix-project-plugin -- Matrix Project Plugin for Jenkins Bug#765012: ITP: jenkins-mailer-plugin -- Mailer Plugin for Jenkins Bug#765076: general: No way to have a clean chroot for building packages Bug#765102: ITP: jenkins-ant-plugin -- Ant Plugin for Jenkins Bug#765188: ITP: libmodule-runtime-conflicts-perl -- module to provide information on conflicts for Module::Runtime Bug#765317: RFP: t-digest -- data structure for accurate on-line accumulation of rank-based statistics such as quantiles and trimmed means Bug#765333: ITP: node-finalhandler -- final HTTP responder Re: Bug#765336: RFP: black-hole-solver - Solver (C API + CLI program) for "Black Hole" Solitaire and "All in a Row" Solitaire Bug#765350: ITP: node-serve-index -- directory listings middleware for Node.js Bug#765382: ITP: mailman-api -- REST API daemon to interact with Mailman 2 Bug#765396: ITP: c-script -- c++ script language Bug#765432: ITP: node-fd-slicer -- safely create multiple ReadStream or WriteStream objects from the same file descriptor - Node.js module Bug#765433: ITP: node-content-disposition -- Create and parse Content-Disposition header - Node.js module Bug#765444: RFP: mustache-java -- Mustache (templating language) implementation in Java Bug#765493: ITP: bifrost -- Intelligent self-learning whitelist-based web application firewall Bug#765509: ITP: python-flask-admin -- admin interface extension for Flask Bug#765512: general: distrust old crypto algos and protocols perdefault Bug#765512: marked as done (general: distrust old crypto algos and protocols perdefault) Re: Bug#765522: ITP: elixir -- Functional language for the Erlang VM Bug#765557: ITP: jenkins-antisamy-markup-formatter-plugin -- OWASP Markup Formatter Plugin for Jenkins Bug#765603: ITP: r-bioc-s4vectors -- BioConductor S4 implementation of vectors and lists Bug#765629: RFA: adns -- Asynchronous-capable DNS client library and utilities Bug#765646: ITP: libconvert-basen-perl -- encoding and decoding of base{2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64} strings Bug#765656: ITP: libmarc-transform-perl -- Perl module to transform a MARC record with a yaml configuration file Bug#765697: ITP: libtest-tabs-perl -- check the presence of tabs in your project Bug#765698: ITP: libdist-inkt-profile-tobyink-perl -- Dist::Inkt profile for TOBYINK Bug#765701: ITP: libdist-inkt-role-hg-perl -- Mercurial-related behaviour for Dist::Inkt Bug#765703: ITP: libdist-inkt-role-release-perl -- automatically upload a distribution to the CPAN Bug#765707: ITP: libdist-inkt-role-test-perl -- run various tests on a distribution at build time Bug#765712: ITP: libdist-inkt-role-test-kwalitee-perl -- check a distribution's kwalitee at build time Bug#765719: general: System restarts on "shutdown -h now" Bug#765719: marked as done (general: System restarts on "shutdown -h now") Bug#765721: ITP: tryton-modules-account-payment-clearing -- Account Payment Clearing Module for the Tryton Application Platform Bug#765723: ITP: libapp-cpants-lint-perl -- commandline frontend to Module::CPANTS::Analyse Bug#765742: ITP: libanyevent-cachedns-perl -- simple DNS resolver with caching for AnyEvent::DNS Bug#765768: ITP: lxqt-about -- The LXQt About-Screen Bug#765772: ITP: node-findit2 -- walk a directory tree recursively with events Bug#765773: ITP: lxqt-admin -- Admin tools for LXQt Bug#765839: Info received (Bug#765839: task-desktop: installs a non-working dekstop environment on all but 2 archs) Bug#765849: ITP: debian-parl -- DebianParl desktop for parliamentary work Bug#765874: ITP: libtext-sprintfn-perl -- drop-in replacement for sprintf(), with named parameter support Bug#765884: ITP: boxer -- system deployment ninja tricks Bug#765988: ITP: node-tap -- A Test-Anything-Protocol module for Node.js Bug#765996: ITP: boxer-data -- classes and nodes usable by Boxer Bug#766082: ITP: libstruct-dumb-perl -- module to create simple lightweight record-like structures Bug#766098: ITP: spatial4j-0.4 -- spatial/geospatial Java library Bug#766166: ITP: gns3-server -- GNS3 server to asynchronously manage emulators Bug#766167: ITP: gns3-gui -- GNS3 graphical interface for the GNS3 server Bug#766175: ITP: vboxwrapper -- control mechanism for VirtualBox on Linux Bug#766202: ITP: libcatmandu-marc-perl -- modules for working with MARC data within the Catmandu framework Bug#766204: ITP: libcatmandu-mab2-perl -- modules for working with MAB2 data within the Catmandu framework Bug#766211: ITP: fonts-orbitron -- geometric sans-serif typeface intended for display purposes Bug#766223: ITP: libmarc-parser-raw-perl -- MARC RAW format parser Bug#766226: ITP: libmarc-file-mij-perl -- read newline-delimited marc-in-json files Bug#766229: ITP: libex-monkeypatched-perl -- experimental API for safe monkey-patching Bug#766230: ITP: libmarc-file-marcmaker-perl -- work with MARCMaker/MARCBreaker records Bug#766236: ITP: libcatmandu-sru-perl -- modules for working with SRU data within the Catmandu framework Bug#766238: ITP: libxml-struct-perl -- represent XML as data structure preserving element order Bug#766243: ITP: libcatmandu-store-mongodb-perl -- searchable store backed by MongoDB Bug#766253: ITP: libpicocontainer-java -- Java library implementing the Dependency Injection pattern Bug#766255: ITP: libparanamer-java -- Java based library to access method parameter names at runtime Bug#766256: ITP: libcodesize-java -- Java library to calculate the size of code for Robocode Bug#766321: ITP: fastaq -- FASTA and FASTQ file manipulation tools Bug#766324: ITP: relion -- toolkit for 3D reconstructions in cryo-electron microscopy Bug#766332: ITP: libtest-mock-guard-perl -- Simple mock test library using RAII. Bug#766342: ITP: gnome-shell-extension-suspend-button -- Gnome-shell extension allowing to modify the suspend/shutdown button in the status menu Bug#766358: ITP: ibus-libzhuyin -- New Zhuyin engine based on libzhuyin for IBus Bug#766369: ITP: libnss-securepass -- NSS module for SecurePass Bug#766371: ITP: libtry-tiny-smartcatch-perl -- lightweight Perl module for powerful exceptions handling Bug#766433: ITP: compass-singularitygs-plugin -- advanced responsive grid system for Sass and Compass Bug#766453: ITP: libapache2-mod-auth-gssapi -- GSSAPI Authentication module for Apache2 Bug#766465: ITP: libapache2-mod-authnz-pam -- PAM authorization checker and PAM Basic Authentication provider Bug#766469: ITP: libapache2-mod-intercept-form-submit -- Apache module to intercept login form submission and run PAM authentication Bug#766471: ITP: libapache2-mod-lookup-identity -- Apache module to retrieve additional information about the authenticated user Bug#766474: ITP: likwid -- toolsuite of command line applications for performance oriented programmers Bug#766486: ITP: nsf -- The Next Scripting Framework (for short: NSF) is an infrastructure for creating object-oriented scripting languages based on Tcl. See Bug#766494: ITP: sphinx-testing -- testing utility for Sphinx extensions Bug#766500: ITP: ruby-serverspec-runner -- simple execution framework for serverspec Bug#766507: ITP: compass-normalize-plugin -- compass plugin for using normalize.css Bug#766510: ITP: compass-color-schemer-plugin -- color schemes made easy with Sass Bug#766512: ITP: compass-blend-modes-plugin -- use standard color blending functions in Sass Bug#766548: ITP: compass-toolkit-plugin -- toolkit of awesome Sass stuff Bug#766563: ITP: libanyevent-processor-perl -- class for AnyEvent tasks that may be interrupted Bug#766566: ITP: libdata-paginator-perl -- a pagination module for Moose. Bug#766572: ITP: libmodule-bundled-files-perl -- perl module to access files bundled with your module Bug#766576: ITP: libatf -- Automated Test Framework (ATF) libraries Bug#766577: ITP: kyua -- Kyua testing framework Bug#766586: ITP: github-backup-utils -- Backup and recovery utilities for GitHub Enterprise Bug#766611: ITP: megatools -- Command-line client for the Mega cloud storage service Re: Bug#766644: Proposed MBF: versioned dependencies on gobject-introspection Bug#766691: ITP: debian-design -- recipes to install Debian Design blends Bug#766709: ITP: ruby-crass -- Crass is a Ruby CSS parser based on the CSS Syntax Level 3 draft specification. Bug#766710: ITP: groonga-normalizer-mysql -- MySQL derived normalizer for Groonga Bug#766726: ITP: budgie-desktop -- simple, yet elegant desktop Bug#766730: ITP: unqlite -- Self-contained transactional NoSQL database engine. Bug#766760: ITP: american-fuzzy-lop -- instrumentation-driven fuzzer for binary formats Bug#766797: ITP: flamp -- ham radio Amateur Multicast Protocol application Bug#766859: RFH: openmpi -- high performance message passing library -- header files Bug#766990: ITP: gossip -- Small and fast logging provider for SLF4J Bug#767014: RFP: python-pysodium -- python wrapper for libsodium Bug#767027: ITP: rasterio -- Python API for using geospatial raster data with Numpy Bug#767033: ITP: python-affine -- Python library for handling affine planar transformations Bug#767050: ITP: tachyon-doc-extra -- Parallel/Multiprocessor Ray Tracing Software -- extra documents Bug#767073: ITP: ruby-version-sorter -- Fast sorting of version strings Bug#767097: ITP: guava-libraries-18 -- Google Core Libraries for Java Bug#767110: ITP: securepass-tools -- utilities to access SecurePass Bug#767131: ITP: ruby-js-image-paths -- Easily access your image assets in your JavaScript code Bug#767133: ITP: python-libmapper -- Library for connecting data signals on a shared network Bug#767135: ITP: libmapper-dev -- Library for connecting data signals on a shared network Bug#767246: ITP: pyapi-gitlab -- Python wrapper for the GitLab API Bug#767298: ITP: python-cachetools -- extensible memoizing collections and decorators Bug#767299: ITP: librscode -- library implementing a Reed-Solomon error correction algorithm Bug#767326: ITP: user-agent-utils -- Utilities for processing user-agent strings Bug#767334: ITP: python-cs -- simple CloudStack API client for Python and the command-line Bug#767344: ITP: ruby-raemon -- framework for building UNIX daemons Bug#767349: ITP: ruby-symboltable -- symbols-only hash for Ruby Bug#767414: ITP: 2048 -- Simple number game for the text console Re: Bug#767418: telegram desktop: Request Telegram client Bug#767444: ITP: fig -- Punctual, lightweight development environments using Docker Bug#767450: ITP: -- framework to make web apps Bug#767453: ITP: python-dbutils -- database connections for multi-threaded environments Bug#767503: ITP: ruby-d3-rails -- Gem installation of javascript framework for data visualization, D3 Bug#767513: ITP: python-nose-timer -- timer plugin for nosetests Bug#767515: ITP: python-nose-parameterized -- decorator for parameterized testing with Nose Bug#767522: ITP: python-sphinxcontrib.plantuml -- PlantUML extension for Sphinx bugreports to systemd are getting rejected Re: building against Clang Re: building against Clang (was: Legitimate exercise of...) Re: Built-Using, again… Re: Built-Using, again… configuration files, ownership and dpkg-statoverride Re: Contact copyright holder / ask for free software license Re: containers/chroot to allow ABI breakage is the wrong approach Re: containers/chroot to allow ABI breakage is the wrong approach (was: Remember when men were men and wrote their own init scripts? =)) Re: debconf as a registry Debconf code for getting usernames list Re: delete resume Re: design of process #1 programs Determining, ad hoc, whether someone is a DD Re: dgit and git-dpm dgit and git-dpm (was Re: Standardizing the layout of git packaging repositories) dgit and upstream git repos The last update was on 09:39 GMT Sun May 24. There are 865 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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