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Re: containers/chroot to allow ABI breakage is the wrong approach

On 10/21/2014 05:12 PM, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Oct 2014, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> So, dear fellow DDs, I'm asking you: each time you see that an upstream
>> author is breaking an ABI on a package you maintain, write an email to
>> him/her, and explain how much this is bad and shouldn't happen. If the
>> Unix community starts to realize how much we're loosing by breaking
>> ABIs, I'm sure the situation will improve.
> Why?

I explained extensively why in my post. Re-read it, and let me know
which part you didn't understand... :)

> OpenBSD’s libc.so major number is 50 or something like that right now,
> because they – correctly – increment it on every incompatible change.

The correct thing to do is to not do incompatible change.

> This is not a problem because, you know, we have Open Source, so we
> can always just recompile everything against the new libraries.

Wouldn't it be better to "just" upgrade to the new lib? Recompiling is a
major pain and a loss of time/resources which could be avoided.


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