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Re: bash exorcism experiment ('bug' 762923 & 763012)

Stephane Chazelas dixit:

[ a lot, with which I vehemently disagree ]

>If you need arrays, use "$@" or use "perl/python/ruby...", but
>please don't break yet another shell with the Korn arrays or

The good part about mksh i̲s̲ that it’s a programming language,
a nice one to use, much more legible than Perl, besides having
“set -x” beats them all; lots of those other features like
associative multidimensional arrays are making their way into
mksh. I only hack o̲n̲ mksh because I want to program i̲n̲ mksh,
because, e.g. C sucks (UB). So I make it the best language
within its scope I can, and David Korn as well as those who
worked on pdsh/pdksh/oksh before laid good groundwork.

Newbies should be careful before using a̲n̲y̲ language. “or use
perl instead” doesn’t help if they forget -T either. Your
arguments are, thus, lacking hold.

18:47⎜<mirabilos:#!/bin/mksh> well channels… you see, I see everything in the
same window anyway      18:48⎜<xpt:#!/bin/mksh> i know, you have some kind of
telnet with automatic pong         18:48⎜<mirabilos:#!/bin/mksh> haha, yes :D
18:49⎜<mirabilos:#!/bin/mksh> though that's more tinyirc – sirc is more comfy

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