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Re: bash exorcism experiment ('bug' 762923 & 763012)

On Fri, Oct 03, 2014 at 09:39:29AM +1000, Russell Stuart wrote:
> IMO, if Debian has decided the in the default case /bin/sh ==> dash,
> then the policy should say "#!/bin/sh scripts" must work with dash.  It
> then becomes trivial for Developers to test their code conforms with
> policy.  If we allow /bin/sh to be linked to other shells, policy should
> say those shells must implement all the features /bin/dash implements so
> that any script that works with dash must also work with them.

This isn't possible, as there are some corner cases in which dash and
bash work differently, and those are both explicitly supported choices
for /bin/sh.  These areas are in extensions that are not part of POSIX
or the extended set of features required by Policy.

> As is stands, the one thing you can guarantee we will get from our
> policy saying "#!/bin/sh" scripts work with a shell that does not exist
> and can't be tested against is scripts that have never been tested
> against that policy.

The set of features that Debian's /bin/sh must support is fairly
limited.  It's not very difficult at all to implement a shell script
appropriately.  Every shell script I write these days will work in bash,
dash, and posh, whether I'm writing it to run on a Debian system or not.

> If Debian really wants to implement the policy as described, then it
> should do the work required to produce robust software that conforms
> with it.  In this case that would mean producing a shell that behaves as
> described, which we make /bin/sh by default.  Perhaps a flag to dash
> stripping all of the features not described in SUSv3 features would
> suffice.

The shell you're describing is posh.  It implements exactly those
features, and nothing more.  Unfortunately, some developers have
outright refused to make their software using /bin/sh work with posh,
even when provided with a patch (e.g. #309415), to the point that last
time I tried to use posh as /bin/sh, the system wouldn't boot.
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