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Re: dgit and git-dpm

Thorsten Glaser writes ("Re: dgit and git-dpm"):
> On Wed, 29 Oct 2014, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > maintainers of other tools.  It does seem to me to imply that using
> > git-buildpackage to do an NMU is risky, because:
> Yes, it is – anything other than the standard Debian tool
> (dpkg-buildpackage) is.

Using dgit to do an NMU is not supposed to be risky.  It is supposed
to get everything right.

At the moment it does comply with the policy and dev ref, but there
are two ways I intend to improve it: firstly to generate better
patches in debian/patches when exporting an NMUer's git tree back into
a Debian source package, and secondly to automatically email the
NMUdiff to the BTS.

> They should read the debdiff anyway… but yeah.

A dgit user should be able to do this without reading the debdiff:
`git diff dgit/dgit/sid' ought to suffice.


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