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Re: debconf as a registry

On 10/17/2014 04:51 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Thomas Goirand (2014-10-17 09:51:04)
>> On 10/17/2014 01:41 PM, Bas Wijnen wrote:
>>> I don't have a bug tracker yet, but I can upload this to unstable if 
>>> people don't complain too much about the code. ;-) Then the bts can 
>>> be used for feature requests (and bugs of course).
>> Please don't upload this type of experimental software to Sid just 
>> right before the freeze. Please use experimental.
> A new package has no ties to the freeze - nothing depends on it and no 
> older versions of itself is in testing - and therefore is fine to 
> release to unstable, as it does not disrupt the freeze process.
>  - Jonas

Probably, however if we don't need the software in Stable for the next 3
years, because it's not production ready or even useful (yet), then
there's no point to have it in Jessie.



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