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Re: Contact copyright holder / ask for free software license


On Thu, Oct 09, 2014 at 01:51:31AM +0200, Michael Ole Olsen wrote:
Contacting copyright holder and asking them to release under
GPL or such is not a bad idea.
even if they say no they might consider it in the future.

Even better, in my experience, if the mail introducing the problem is
well conceived, the authors are generally favourable. Especially if
they did not license their software at all. Recently it took me one
single mail to go from a proprietary license state to a GPL3+ licensed
state. I usually offer two licenses as examples, even providing a
short explanation of the choice between "permissive" (BSD-3-clause)
and "restrictive" (GPL3). All of this also applies to documentation
(and is part of my experience). Usually, making authors switch from
the almost automatic "All rights reserved" motto to GPL (or similar)
is not unfeasible.


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