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Re: Accepted tasksel 3.29 (source all) into unstable

Le mardi 21 octobre 2014 à 23:40 +0200, Adam Borowski a écrit :
> And you're trying to tell me that having to use a non-default desktop
> environment on all these virtual machines is ok?  Even those whose very
> purpose is to test programs on such environments?

If the hardware has 3D and the virtual machine hasn’t, then the VM is
not a reliable model for your real hardware. I’m not saying this has an
easy solution, of course, but most (if not all) ARM-targetted OSes make
heavy use of 3D, and apparently they don’t feel limited by VM

> The Mali 3D driver is non-free and not packaged in Debian.  On U2, I took
> pre-made packages (hardkernel community), on Omega it's sunxi-mali.

If there is a problem between Mali and cogl, please report it against
cogl before tasksel.

Thanks for your tests, BTW. They are useful.
 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
: :' :
`. `'

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