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Re: Built-Using, again…

On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 11:17:19AM +0100, Wookey wrote:
> +++ Thorsten Glaser [2014-10-13 12:05 +0200]:
> > sbuild/buildd runs apt-get update, but not apt-get *upgrade,
> > before each build. But I assume this should not be changed
> > either…
> I _think_ we don't do this because the upgrading uses a lot of time on
> buildds, especially slow ones. I did do this (build in snapshot,
> upgrade for every build) for the whole arm64 debian-ports bootstrap
> and it worked fine, but the buildd did spend a lot of time upgrading
> the same packages over and over until the snapshot was updated (which
> was manual and done approx weekly). This particularly adds overhead to
> small, quick builds.

_Weekly_?  I'd call that insane.  During my armhf rebuild, I did this every
6 hours, and I still saw some repeated upgrades.

> I would favour a daily snapshot/chroot upgrade (as opposed to
> doing it on every build) as a compromise between 'every build' and
> 'weeklyish'.

As my single armhf machine averaged around 350 packages a day, I think a
hourly cronjob would be a better compromise.  This number fits somewhat
irregular mirror updates, with non-dinstalled sources it might be good to
go even more frequent.

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