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Re: Built-Using, again…

* Paul Wise (pabs@debian.org) [141015 17:22]:
> [ powerpc buildd admins ]
> According to LDAP it appears to be wouter, he, pkern.

This list is incomplete. There are more people, especially there is a
group who is buildd admin on all buildds, and tends to fix problems if
they are known. (However, these are the people who currently get mails
to powerpc@buildd.d.o - but we all have a real life, so unless it's
really required to have something fixed at this moment, it's better to
give people a couple of days for fixing. In the other case, use an
appropriate way to contact the buildd admin group as such.)

However, similar as with "asking smart questions", it's here "asking
smart help". So if I e.g. get a long mail telling "this and that bad
happend etc etc", and at the very bottom a "you have a very outdated
chroot, please update it" it makes it less likley to happen as if I
get a mail "package $foo was rejected because the chroot on $machine
was outdated. Can you please upgrade the chroot, and re-schedule the
package". Even if only for the reason that on a quick glance the first
mails looks complicated whereas I could do the second while


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