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Re: containers/chroot to allow ABI breakage is the wrong approach (was: Remember when men were men and wrote their own init scripts? =))


Thorsten Glaser:
> OpenBSD’s libc.so major number is 50 or something like that right now,
> because they – correctly – increment it on every incompatible change.
Glibc has versioned symbols instead …

> This is not a problem because, you know, we have Open Source, so we
> can always just recompile everything against the new libraries.
I'd be ecstatic if the whole world was Open Source, but it is not.
It probably never will be.

And even if/when I have source, I'd like to continue to use my
locally-built programs. Instead of being forced to rebuild each
and every one of them, every time I do an OS upgrade. :-/

-- Matthias Urlichs

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