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Re: [Testing] Mounting /usr in the initramfs

Here's where we are now:

On Sun, 2013-05-12 at 19:34 +0100, Roger Leigh wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Following on from previous discussion about this, I've been working on
> the needed changes to initramfs-tools, initscripts and util-linux, and
> it's now at the point where it's ready for wider testing and review.
>   ** Note: do NOT test on a production system. **

Oh well.

> Setting up:
>   Install at a minimum: initscripts, util-linux, initramfs-tools

initramfs-tools was uploaded with its changes, prematurely (version

Unfortunately, the initscripts changes have not been uploaded and the
change to util-linux is unlikely to be accepted.

initramfs-tools version 0.118 therefore does not mount /usr unless it
detects that the init program is systemd.

>   The initramfs can fsck and mount /, /usr and /etc.  / and /etc
>   are configured using the kernel command-line.  The details for
>   /usr are obtained from /etc/fstab on the rootfs.

Mounting of /etc has not been implemented as separate /etc was never
supported in the past.

> Things which might break:
>   Modules needed to mount non-rootfs filesystems aren't currently
>   handled specially.  It may be the case that for esoteric setups
>   we don't have the module installed in the initramfs.
>   We copy the filesystem-specific fsck helper from /sbin.  If
>   additional files are needed by particular helpers, they might
>   need special-casing.

These may indeed still be broken.

We also found that fsck complained if the RTC is set to local time,
because the system time is not correct initially.  This has been fixed
in initramfs-tools 0.118 by copying hwclock and related files into the
initramfs.  It required a minor change to util-linux to avoid adjusting
the system time twice.

We also found that the commands in klibc-utils were missing some of the
necessary options to support this.  An initramfs built without busybox
would not boot.  These options have been implemented and initramfs-tools
version 0.118 has a versioned dependency to ensure they're supported.


Ben Hutchings
One of the nice things about standards is that there are so many of them.

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