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Determining, ad hoc, whether someone is a DD

Many of our lookup interfaces don't give out a clear indication of the
status of the person you are looking up.  Eg db.debian.org contains
DMs and DDs and the public lookup doesn't distinguish.
www.debian.org/devel/people lists maintainers, DMs and DDs without
distinction.  (This is contrary to the information on

AFAICT there are two ways right now to find out whether someone is a
DD from primary sources[1]:

 * Install debian-keyring from sid and hope that it is up to date
   enough.  This is a 51Mby download.  It involves having a sid
   chroot, or messing about downloading the .deb by hand.

 * Log into the ftpmaster mirror and ask whatever dak asks.  (I
   haven't actually checked whether this is in the dak database proper
   and if so where, but presumably it is somewhere accessible to dak.)
   This is accessible to DDs only and obviously not a documented

We have this list of DMs:
linked to from here:

Could/should we have an equivalent list of DDs published alongside the
list of DMs ?  If this seems like a good idea I will file a bug asking
for it.


[1] I'm told that looking at db.d.o ldapsearch can help if you then
see whether the user has `gidNumber=800' or perhaps whether the user
has `objectClass=debianDeveloper' but there are rumours that the
latter is misleading.

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