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Re: Built-Using, again…

* Thorsten Glaser (tg@mirbsd.de) [141013 12:05]:
> sbuild/buildd runs apt-get update, but not apt-get *upgrade,
> before each build. But I assume this should not be changed
> either…
> So we need either a technical, or a policy-ical, or a human,
> solution to this problem, right?

Or we just have to decide which fall-out is least ugly, and keep care
of that. Which is what we do.

So, if you notice a problem with your package, please contact either
$arch@buildd.d.o, or the wanna-build team. As documented e.g. at the
web page you were already pointed to multiple times. Usually the
response time is good, exceptions are however always possible.
Also the time waiting for the final architectures to build and upload
successfully doesn't count against the package re waiting time till
britney considers an package acceptable (i.e. if the final binary is
uploaded on day 9 of 10, the package could migrate on day 10 - same as
if all binary packages are uploaded on day 0 of 10).

However, complaining at d-devel is usual not the appropriate path to
get problems actually fixed.


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