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Re: Bug#720517: configuration files, ownership and dpkg-statoverride

On 07-10-14 15:40, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Also I don't see in your references an explanation from anyone as to
> why dbconfig-common does this.

I you mean with "why": "why is it implemented this way" than that is
exactly the question that I am asking myself looking at the code, if you
mean "why does dbconfig-common change the ownership of cactis
configuration file" than the answer is that you can tell dbconfig-common
in your maintainer scripts what the (I expected initial) ownership
should be. dbconfig-common than sets the ownership on every update of
the package where it is called, except when dpkg-statoverride is set.

I am trying to come up with a patch against dpkg-statoverride that sets
the ownership and permissions upon creation, but not upon updates.


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