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Re: dgit and git-dpm

Thorsten Glaser writes ("Re: dgit and git-dpm"):
> Ian Jackson dixit:
> [ NMU ]
> >A dgit user should be able to do this without reading the debdiff:
> This is a dangerous habit to get into

Why ?

Of course for this NMU approach to be a good one, dgit needs to
reliably do the right thing.  dgit is still quite immature software so
some scepticism is probably warranted.

But, the whole purpose of computers is to save human effort.  We
should not be spending our time double-guessing the output of
computers, unless we really can't avoid it.  That our current NMU
practices involve a lot of pratting about, bookwork, double-checking,
paperwork, and so on, is not a feature.

It's a bug.  A bug in our processes and tools.  A bug I am fixing.

> – I’d prefer users of even dgit, no matter how good it may be, to
> not rely on that.

Again, why ?

If (hypothetically - I'm definitely not claiming this right now) dgit
were 100% reliable, there would be no reason not to simply rely on it.

> This is a social issue, not a technical one.

I don't understand this comment at all.


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