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Re: containers/chroot to allow ABI breakage is the wrong approach

Gregory Smith dixit:

>They say you're a hard nose, skeptical, untrusting, old unix admin and
>programmer from the old days and you do not take one ounce of

My old days were on DOS¹. I am a relative newcomer to the Unix world,
starting about 1999. But I grew up with the “old values”, including
their reasons.

>bullshit. Not one fucking ounce. You value the BSDs and use them. You
>existed in the freesoftware world before linux came around and will

Hm, if you can count whatever BASIC and asm stuff I did between
1998 and 1991 – which I did not publish, due to age, and lack of
computer network…

>still exist there when linux goes away, and before that you existed in
>the pure unix realm of the 60s and 70s.

Pure realm maybe, but neither earthy nor unix.

>Will you be going with the debian fork?

I will absolutely not be going with a Debian fork.

However, I invite the “progressive” party within Debian to create
a derivate, not fork but maybe even a pure blend, in which they can
integrate systemd, GNOME, etc. “better”, and only x86/ARM with the
accelerated 3D graphics, while continuing to support the “Universal
OS” Debian to some amount. Basically a different installer, defaults
or configs, if needs be, and possibly different packages, if at all.

① still have real DOS dual boot around… and floppies…
15:39⎜«mika:#grml» mira|AO: "mit XFree86® wär’ das nicht passiert" - muhaha
15:48⎜<thkoehler:#grml> also warum machen die xorg Jungs eigentlich alles
kaputt? :)    15:49⎜<novoid:#grml> thkoehler: weil sie als Kinder nie den
gebauten Turm selber umschmeissen durften?	-- ~/.Xmodmap wonders…

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