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Re: bash without importing shell functions from the environment

Nikolaus Rath writes ("Re: bash without importing shell functions from the environment"):
> I think the latter. I was actually curious as well and checked. The
> wheezy version has custom debian/patches handling where e.g.
> debian/patches/series is processed by the C preprocessor. I think that
> qualifies at least as exotic :-).

I am indeed talking about the layout of the source packages in
oldstable and stable.  I don't want to explain in detail because I
can't put forward my opinion of what I found without violating the
mailing list code of conduct.  (And, as people are pointing out,
because it's fixed in unstable/testing.)

As I say, it led to me more greatly appreciate the hard work done (and
pain suffered) on all our behalf by the stable and LTS security teams.


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