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Re: Built-Using, again…

* Thorsten Glaser (t.glaser@tarent.de) [141016 09:39]:
> On Wed, 15 Oct 2014, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > Buildd administration — <architecture>@buildd.debian.org 
> > lists a couple of people. And also a working mail address. Contacting
> > people via a role account is always prefered.
> Yeah, that’s whom I contacted first, on Friday. It was just not
> getting any sort of response or action there which made me ask
> with a wider audience.

You didn't ask a wider audience, you whined to one, and that on
something totally unrelated to the thing you really wanted.

The right thing to do would be "I asked about this and that, and
nothing happened". So please refer to my mail "sending smart mails".
Would you have asked "I asked for a dist-upgrade, and nothing happend"
that would have made it more easier. And I'm not sure if 3 days are
not too short to escalate to d-d, but that's a different question.

I'd really encourage you to write in the mails what you want. If you
want a dist-upgrade, then please write "can you please dist-upgrade
the ppc chroots because ... failed, and give the package back"? And
not start whining and hide what you want at the very end of the mail. 

If you started the mails to d-d with a subject showing what you want,
like "powerpc buildds: how to get the chroots upgraded", I would have
probably done that immediatly. So I put it as "some functionality
discussion" aside.

> But it’s now resolved, thanks Philipp!

Wrong again, I dist-upgraded the chroots and gave back the package.
But as before, facts are difficult.


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