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Re: containers/chroot to allow ABI breakage is the wrong approach (was: Remember when men were men and wrote their own init scripts? =))

On Tue, 21 Oct 2014 11:12:20 +0200
Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de> wrote:

> > So, dear fellow DDs, I'm asking you: each time you see that an
> > upstream author is breaking an ABI on a package you maintain, write
> > an email to him/her, and explain how much this is bad and shouldn't
> > happen. If the Unix community starts to realize how much we're
> > loosing by breaking ABIs, I'm sure the situation will improve.
> Why?
> This is not a problem because, you know, we have Open Source, so we
> can always just recompile everything against the new libraries.

Sometimes we have to run software which is neither Open Source nor Free
on our systems which are (luckily) Open Source and Free.
I don't want to sound pompous or something but it's real life which has
its constraints, however inconvenient.

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