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[no subject] 5 Minutes of Sperancy Re: The 98% and N<=2 criteria (was: Vancouver meeting - clarifications) Re: Accepted 855resolution 0.3-4 (i386 source) acenic firmware rewrite advice needed on handling network port conflicts All GPL'ed programs have to go to non-free Alrite :) Re: An alternative analysis of the etch architecture proposal Re: Alternative: Source-Centric Approach [w/code] anonymous dupload stopped working "application" installation (was: Fwd: apt-get dist-upgrade will remove metapackages) Re: Fwd: apt-get dist-upgrade will remove metapackages {Arch,OCaml,Python,Mono} Packages for Adoption Are there any problems with arm seems OK: release status? Automatic testing of Debian packages Biggest Pharmacy DqV Re: Bits from the DAMs ( & Co) Bonjour. Re: Bug#250202: intend-to-implement: script to obtain Debian Source Re: Bug#250202: Standardizing make target for 'patch' and 'upstream-source' bug #255367: Lake of PPTP in Debian first CD Re: Bug#271428: mapping unknown timezones Bug#272669: ITP: archmbox -- a simple email archiver written in perl Re: Bug#279232: What about perl-bug #279232 Re: Bug#283609: phpmyadmin: missing depandance Re: Bug#286214: ITP: kwin-style-asteroid -- Pixel-for-pixel clone of Win2000 GUI style for KDE Re: Bug#296717: Please remove raidtools2 Re: Bug#302138: incorrect Description line wrapping with bullet lists Bug#302309: ITP: bcron -- Bruce's cron system Re: Bug#302419: ITP: nzb -- A binary news grabber using nzb files Bug#302641: ITP: debhelper-dwim -- debhelper extension to do what the maintainer wants Bug#302993: ITP: cduce -- Programming language adapted to the manipulation of XML data Bug#303186: ITP: prosilla -- multi-threaded download accelerator for ssh Bug#303201: ITP: octave2.9 -- Numerical computation language (develoment branch) Bug#303208: ITP: nss-updatedb -- Maintain local cache of a network directory Bug#303240: ITP: libpam-ccred -- Pam module to cache authentication credentials Bug#303307: ITP: freecycle -- a beat slicer Bug#303310: ITP: ocaml-benchmark -- ocaml benchmarking library Bug#303366: ITP: vimcdoc -- Chinese Translation of Vim Online Help Documents Bug#303405: ITP: libxmlrpc-java -- Java implementation of XML-RPC protocol Bug#303475: ITP: hrd -- the puzzle game of HuaRongDao Bug#303488: ITP: openhackware -- OpenFirmware emulator Bug#303489: ITP: proll -- JavaStation PROM 2.x compatible replacement Bug#303559: O: nfs-utils -- NFS support files common to client and server Bug#303571: ITP: rubyscript2exe -- pseudo compile ruby script into standalone executable Bug#303597: ITP: php-rss -- RSS parser for PEAR Bug#303600: ITP: gnome-power-manager -- tool for user configuration of power management policies Bug#303603: ITP: skinedit -- skin editor for TiEmu Bug#303609: ITP: libdata-dumper-perl -- stringified perl data structures, suitable for both printing and eval Bug#303667: ITP: cycle -- calendar program for women Re: Bug#303725: specter: FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): syntax error before '{' token Bug#303810: ITP: mpdscribble -- Music Player Daemon interface to Audioscrobbler Bug#303811: ITP: net6 -- Network access framework for IPv4/IPv6 Bug#303891: ITP: gcfilms -- a GTK2 application for managing dvd and video collections Bug#303892: ITP: log4cxx -- A logging library for C++ Bug#303924: ITP: visitors -- fast web log analyzer Bug#303941: ITP: raster3d -- tools for generating images of proteins or other molecules Bug#303971: ITP: ocaml-getopt -- command line parsing library for OCaml Bug#303986: ITP: soundconverter -- convert sound files to other formats Re: Bug#303986: ITP: soundconverter -- convert sound files to other formats Bug#304160: O: toshutils Bug#304218: ITP: drawtiming -- tool for documenting hardware designs through timing diagrams Bug#304220: ITP: libqt4lab -- Qt4Lab plugin library Bug#304266: ITP: sdate -- never ending september date Bug#304270: ITP: libfishsound -- simple programming interface that wraps Xiph.Org audio codecs Bug#304271: ITP: lighttpd -- a secure, fast, compliant and very flexible web-server Bug#304287: ITP: libtk-gbarr-perl -- Various Tk Perl widgets Bug#304288: ITP: libtk-histentry-perl -- Implements an entry widget with history Bug#304289: ITP: libtk-pod-perl -- Tk Pod browser widget with hypertext capability Bug#304291: ITP: libtk-splashscreen-perl -- Toplevel mega widget to display a splashscreen Bug#304295: ITP: pdnmesh -- automatic mesh generator and solver for Finite Element problems Bug#304313: ITP: libqt4lab -- Qt4Lab widget plugins library Bug#304325: linda: Please provide a more informative long description Bug#304330: ITP: iscsitarget -- iSCSI Enterprise Target Bug#304401: ITP: libstatgrab -- library providing interface to system statistics Bug#304416: ITP: libsvn-notify-perl -- Subversion activity notification Bug#304442: ITP: libconfig-yaml-perl -- Simple configuration automation Bug#304450: ITP: Intent to Package grabc Bug#304495: ITP: ttf-arphic-newsung -- "AR PL New Sung" Chinese TrueType font by FireFly Bug#304508: Gnome + realplayer10 problem Bug#304509: ITP: libcmd-ruby -- library for building line-oriented command interpreters in Ruby Bug#304510: ITP: ed2k-hash -- A command line tool for creating eDonkey2000 hash links. Bug#304513: RFP: kernel-patch-2.4-v4l2 Bug#304513: RFP: kernel-patch-v4l2-2.4 Bug#304517: ITP: cacao -- Java virtual machine Bug#304521: ITP: wanna-build -- Database management for package (re-)compilation/status control Bug#304554: ITP: weathermap4rdd -- script that generates picture network links utilization Bug#304570: ITP: codeblocks -- Code::Blocks is a free C/C++ IDE built Bug#304652: ITP: libobby -- Network text editing library Bug#304654: ITP: emilda-print -- Client-side print application for Emilda Bug#304709: ITP: libafs-perl -- Perl interface to the AFS distributed filesystem Bug#304714: ITP: xymtex -- LaTeX classes for producing molecular structural formulas Bug#304728: ITP: webauth -- Cookie-based web authentication using Kerberos Bug#304731: ITP: sident -- ident protocol varient with strong SASL authentication Bug#304745: ITP: kstart -- Kerberos kinit variant supporting ticket refreshing Bug#304747: ITP: remctl -- remote Kerberos-authenticated command execution Bug#304763: ITP: fast-user-switch-applet -- Applet for the GNOME panel which provides a menu to switch between users. Bug#304819: ITP: spca5xx -- Device driver for USB webcams based on the spca5xx chips Bug#304820: ITP: spcaview -- Tools to test USB webcams Bug#304839: ITP: libauthen-krb5-perl -- Perl extension for Kerberos 5 API Bug#304863: ITP: arch2darcs -- Convert Arch/tla repositories to Darcs Bug#304941: ITP: gnome-art -- install GNOME themes from Bug#304948: ITP: boo -- a python-like language and compiler for the CLI Bug#305000: ITP: alltray -- Dock any program into the system tray Re: Bug#305000: ITP: alltray -- Dock any program into the system tray Re: Bug#305000: ITP: alltray -- Dock any program into the systemtray Bug#305067: ITP: scsh-install-lib -- scsh package installer Bug#305106: gxine: 0.4.3 available (fixes RC bug) Bug#305112: ITP: gcolor2 -- Simple GTK2 color selector and picker Re: Bug#305112: ITP: gcolor2 -- Simple GTK2 color selector and picker Bug#305227: ITP: libdom4j-java -- flexible XML framework for Java Bug#305228: ITP: libxsd-java -- the Sun XML Datatypes Library Bug#305229: ITP: libxpp2-java -- simple and fast incremental XML parser Bug#305287: ITP: slony1 -- Slony-I is a "master to multiple slaves" replication system with cascading and failover. Bug#305294: ITP: mkdump -- Standalone memory dump program for kernel crash Bug#305296: ITP: mkexec-2.4 -- Mini Kernel Exec extension to linux Bug#305324: ITP: libmail-verp-perl -- Variable Envelope Return Paths (VERP) address encoder/decoder Bug#305326: ITP: cldump -- Clarion database files extractor Bug#305420: ITP: darcs-buildpackage -- Suite to help with Debian packages in Darcs archives Bug#305421: ITP: libtemplate-plugin-yaml-perl -- simple Template Toolkit Plugin Interface to the YAML module Bug#305563: ITP: pilotqof -- query Palm PDA data using SQL syntax and write to XML Bug#305742: ITP: ocaml-ast-analyze -- Analyzer of OCaml abstract syntax tree Bug#305743: ITP: ocaml-gettext -- OCaml internationalization library Bug#305753: acknowledged by developer (closing 305753) Bug#305753: general: 38 packages still use 'Origin: debian' Bug#305753: general: 38 packages still use "Origin: debian" Bug#305843: ITP: kshutdown -- An advanced shut down utility for Linux/KDE Bug#305847: ITP: libservlet2.4-java -- Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 Java classes and documentation Bug#305985: ITP: pystatgrab -- python bindings for a libstatgrab library Bug#306028: ITP: gdpc -- program for visualising molecular dynamic simulations Bug#306119: ITP: gwaterfall -- View all characters of font in all sizes Bug#306185: ITP: gasell -- PHP web application to manage a French association Bug#306226: ITP: avinfo -- Audio/Video information automatic extractor / file list generator Re: Bug#306254: axe: FTBFS: "Failed to satisfy Build-Depends dependency for axe: libxaw-dev" Bug#306268: ITP: connect -- Establish socket connection using SOCKS4 or 5 and HTTP tunnel. Bug#306290: ITP: ttf-mph-2b-damase -- font with ranges from the latest version of unicode Bug#306328: ITP: scavr -- Squid ClamAV Redirector Bug#306468: ITP: bluetooth-alsa -- Provides a an interface between bluetooth headsets and ALSA. Bug#306492: ITP: weechat -- Fast, light and extensible IRC client Re: Bug#306639: batik: FTBFS: JAVA_HOME_DIRS incorrect Bug#306694: ITP: qt-x11-opensource -- Qt 4 cross-platform C++ application framework Bug#306737: ITP: q-lang -- Q equational programming language Bug#306852: ITP: droidbattles -- A programming game Bug#306915: ITP: libapache-sessionmanager-perl -- mod_perl 1.0/2.0 session manager extension to manage sessions over HTTP requests Bug#307078: ITP: libfacets-ruby -- Ruby Fantasic Atomic Core Extensions library Bug#307079: ITP: libcarats-ruby -- Ruby Carats, the Ruby toolchest Bug#307080: ITP: libbreakpoint-ruby -- Ruby library for adding breakpoints to Ruby program Bug 456789: ITP: libjustdoit -- Always does what you want Building issues on sparc calcelaciones en aMule Call to fix bug 302191: libexpat1-dev required for new python-4suite Cambio de fecha Can we be friends? Cartie is forever. Are you for it felony mythology cavern Cartouches d'encre de la marque de votre imprimante (conseil important) ChevronTexaco Email Firewall Alert Compiling on a Debian machine crediting debconf translators, revisited CVSNT package Daniel Simmler ist außer Haus/is out of the house. Darlin! :) ddtp.d.o is not alive debconf and locale specific characters Re: Debian Project Leader report for 2005-04-24 debram and packages temporarily absent from sarge definition of "use" Demande d'assistance Detecting the installed MTA Re: docbook-mathml (or w3-dtd-mathml) don't leave to install gnumexp: possible bug Dolwnload belst solftware now for frlee. Re: dpatch and patching debian/rules Re: duplicate functionality in packages [was: lintian & linda] Dyeow dynamic partial mirror, apt-get fails erivim Re: etch release target: SELinux?? (was: Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting) Re: etch release target: SELinux?? (was: Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting) Firmware handling in Debian free accounts on a Debian "sarge" server Re: Free Game Console FROM MR. PAUL . FTBFS for illegal archs [Fwd: Re: partimage-server] Get it on with a married girl tonight glibc 2.3.2.ds1-21 into sarge (Re: arm seems OK: release status?) Re: gluck available again / filesystem shaked Re: gluck (cvs, people, planet, etc.) downtime - ongoing raid problems Gotovina - Full cooperation Hallo! Haven't we met somewhere before? :))) Hey! :) Hey honey! :) Hey remember i told you about this Madeleine Hi, Hiya! :) Re: How to detect which user is connected to $DISPLAY The last update was on 19:36 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1165 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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