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Re: Bug#304521: ITP: wanna-build -- Database management for package (re-)compilation/status control

Hello Jesus,

* Jesus Climent <jesus.climent@hispalinux.es>, [2005-04-15 13:24 +0200]:
>  I have checked already (pointed by Guillem Jover) and we were not able to find
>  the CVS/SVN repository where you commit.
>  That is why I started using some internal repo and thought about commiting the
>  changes somewhere once I could find out where they were...
>  How/where can I commit to a common repo?

The repository seems to be missing from svn.debian.org

Quoting http://svn.debian.org:
Requestion a new repository
(shouldn't it be 'Requesting a new repository' or 'Requestion of a new

"Repositories can be requested through Alioth by registering an alioth
 project for your project and submitting a support request asking for
 creation of the repository. Private repositories can be requested by
 sending an email to admin@svn.debian.org (do not forget to include your

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