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Re: arm seems OK: release status?

Steve Langasek wrote:

So I am curious : what is stopping the freeze now? testing-security?

What's stopping the freeze is all the people uploading their low-priority
packages and keeping the arm autobuilders from ever catching up on the ones
that are actually medium and high priority.  ARM is *not* OK; we still have
only two buildds on-line instead of the usual four, and the build queue is
getting longer, not shorter.

hi Steve

your answer is puzzling. How is the queue in arm buildd managed?
If I would design a queue for a buildd, I would put medium and high priority packages
before low priority packages. You seem to suggest that this is not the case.
So I do not fully understand your "ever catching up...medium and high priority" comment.

Or... wait... maybe I understand... the problem is

That, and still waiting for the glibc upload to roll in, and for
testing-security to be 100% on-line.



ps: I promise not to upload anything else :-)

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