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Re: Alternative: Source-Centric Approach [w/code]

"Freddie Unpenstein" <fredderic@excite.com> writes:

>> > I'm wondering, what happens if you want to install MOST of the deps
>> > from source? Wouldn't it be better to have apt-build (using the
>> > "official apt algorithms") ask on a dep-by-dep basis whether you
>> > want it compiled from source or installed from a binary?
>> Which is basically what sourcerer acomplishes in a nice, transparent,
>> round up fashion (upload pending some spare time).
> What if I use dselect, aptitude, or any number of other similar packages as my package manager?  Can I select packages to be installed or upgraded?

Aptitude uses apt (through libapt) and dselect can (and should be)
configured to use apt. I think all frontends (can) use apt with the
exception of using dpkg directly.

But the use of apt is only important to automatically track what is
installed and what not. If you don't want that you can manualy tweak
the lists for sourcerer-archive or sourcerer-buildd.

Sourcerer-archive itself build a debian archive and you just point apt
(or other frontend) to use it as additional (or only) source for packages.

> I recognise that I may need to use your package to select packages that should be built from source as opposed to installed from binary packages, but can they be still be upgraded (via source) though my regular package manager?

In my current setup I have sourcerer-watcher follow my apt usage
completly so everything goes automatic. Here is what happens:

1) I      : apt-get install foobar  <- download foobar from debian and install
2) watcher: add foobar to list of sources to carry and build
3) archive: mirror foobar sources
4) buildd : build local foobar
5) I      : apt-get update; apt-get upgrade <- install local build foobar
6) time   : when a new source comes out go back to 3

> My usual pattern is to update and select using dselect, download using a cron job with "apt-get -d dselect-upgrade", followed by installing the following day with "apt-get dselect-upgrade"...  What part of that process would need to change to support your package?

Nothing. In fact to get your current behaviour you would tell the
watcher to add/remove packages from the sourcerer-archive list and
leave sourcerer-buildd alone. And you tell sourcerer-archive to mirror
only debs. Every night the archive then downloads any new
version of installed debs and the next day you can upgrade them

You don't need to run a buildd for this. That is just one of the
sources for debs.

> Fredderic


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