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Re: Bug#305000: ITP: alltray -- Dock any program into the systemtray

>There is no "system tray". The "system tray" is dead, a stiff, demised, no
more. >It is bereft of life. There is however a notification area, this is for,
eh, >notifying me of things that 'appen. It shouldn't be used as daft "system
tray", >thats a 'orrible 'orrible thing to do. This is an even more 'orrible
thing to do. >Arrggh. Now where are my green frog pills.



in may opinion it is more horrible that you think you can decide what other
people should do and what not. if the user want such functionality there should
be such a functionality. i know the HIG for the "new" notification area and it
is good for notificate the user. so way not make a new panel applet for
notification and the old one is for "traying". problem solved. ALL people are
happy (not only the HIG guys).

regards jochen (alltray author)

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