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Bug#305753: general: 38 packages still use "Origin: debian"

Agney> mass bug filling is the worst way to do this. try to send a wishlist for
Agney> lintian and linda. So on the next time that these packages use them the
Agney> mantainers will be alerted about this.

Naw, on 220098: 39 packages unnecessarily still use "Bugs:
debbugs://bugs.debian.org" I was told to do it, and it worked out OK.

I would also wishlist it to lintian and linda.

Thijs> Perhaps you can state in your bugreport why it is needed to fix this. What
Thijs> problems does that field cause?

I think they just need to delete a line somewhere.
I assume Origin isn't necessary for these packages to say anymore.
Anyway, "just sticks out, looks funny, feels bad"...

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