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Re: Bug#306639: batik: FTBFS: JAVA_HOME_DIRS incorrect

Hello Arnaud,

On 05-Apr-27 23:07, Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> Thanks for your bug reports, but you have to know that you can't file
> FTBFS bugs reports about packages that are in contrib and relay on
> packages that are not in Debian to build!

> The non-free JDK's are not officially supported so the packages built
> with non-free jdk's are not meant to be built 'as is' (I mean without
> modification).

> I have no problem with wishlist bugs to ease the build of the package on
> every arches (which is not needed because these packages are arch: all!)
> but this is *not* serious bugs!

I tried to file only those bugs as 'serious' which can be reproduced on
i386. For bugs which are amd64 specific, I usually use 'wishlist' severity. 
Of course, I may have made a mistake in some cases. 

At least this particular bug occurs on all arches. It is not very nice 
to have to read, understand and manually change 'debian/rules' and 
maybe some other files to get a package built. In particular, this makes 
any kind of autobuilding impossible, which is a bad thing from a 
security point of view - and also inconvenient, of course. 

For the Java related packages, the {sun,ibm,blackdown}-j2sdk1.x packages
which can be created by make-jpkg from 'java-package' make it easy to 
set up an autobuilder, as long as all packages support this by setting
the correct JAVA_HOME directories and by specifying the correct 

Anyway, I will file those problems as 'wishlist' in the remaining cases.

Some other types of bugs like 

"'Missing Build-Depends on 'junit'" or 
"'./debian_patch' not executable" 

also appear on all arches including i386. I think those are 'serious' 
FTBFS bugs, even for packages in 'contrib'. What should be done with 

> Any way, I leave all the bug you reported and will try to upload fixes
> as soon as possible.

Thank you for all the fixes to my reports which you already uploaded 
and for your work in general!

Andreas Jochens

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