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debconf and locale specific characters

Hi there, 

My OpenLDAP 2.2 packages have a problem if the user enters something
using his locale specific character (like äöü) into the organization
field which is queried using debconf cf. http://bugs.debian.org/236097

The LDIF RFC demands that character data is either in 7 bit ASCII or
in UTF-8 (and base64 encoded, uargh). No I wonder how to convert the
data that I get from debconf to UTF-8. 

It is save to assume that the data from debconf is in the charset of the
current locale? Then foo=`echo $RET|iconv -t UTF8` after the db_get
would suffice. Of course the locale could change between config and
postinst so maybe I should convert to UTF-8 and store the result in the
debconf db in the config script?

Open to any suggestions.


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