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Re: All GPL'ed programs have to go to non-free

[MFT: set to -legal again, since once more, this really has nothing to
do with -devel.]

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, John Hasler wrote:
> Matthew Garrett writes:
> > In general, the law doesn't allow us to modify the license attached to a
> > piece of software.
> That has nothing to do with creating a derivative of a license for
> use elsewhere.

Sure, but then we would be distributing the license as a work in its
own right, which is not (in general) what we are doing.

To amplify this point, any licenses present in Debian that are not
directly referenced by the copyright statement of a work distributed
in Debian should be DFSG Free. [I'd argue additionally that these
random licenses have no business being distributed in Debian at all,
even if they were DFSG Free, but that's a separate matter.]

Don Armstrong

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