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Bug#304325: linda: Please provide a more informative long description

Package: linda
Severity: wishlist

as the recent thread on -devel [0] pointed out, there is a bit of
confusion about linda and lintian.

IMHO it would be a good idea to provide an improved description for 
linda; I CCed -devel to hear also other opinions.

Here it is my proposal:

 Linda is a Debian package checker that runs some rudimentary checks over
 source and binary packages to see if they comply to Policy.
 It is much like lintian, but it is faster and internationalized (l10n 
 strings for most errors, in German only at the moment). Linda is 
 developed in Python.
 Since Linda and Lintian implement a different set of tests, you may
 find useful to run both of them on your packages.

Please be patient with my english. :)
Thanks for your time.

[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/04/msg00396.html

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