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Re: Bug 456789: ITP: libjustdoit -- Always does what you want

Scripsit "Jörg Jaspert" <joerg@ganneff.de>

> * Package name    : libjustdoit
>   Version         : 1.0
>   Upstream Author : Noone. It was just there.
> * URL or Web page : Just open your webbrowser after you installed the
>                     lib. And the Homepage will be there!

The binary package name as well as the API identifiers will need be
changed to avoid trademark problems with Nike.

> * License         : Whatever you wish it is.

Have you cleared this with -legal? Usually licenses are not considered
Free if one needs to invoke wishful thinking to fit them to the DFSG.

Henning Makholm                            "Manden med det store pindsvin er
                              kommet vel ombord i den grønne dobbeltdækker."

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