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Re: Automatic testing of Debian packages

Hi Mads!

On Fri, Apr 08, 2005 at 10:37:27AM +0200, Mads Lindstrøm wrote:
> It would be nice if packages were automatically tested under different
> setups, like language settings or other things that may affect a package. 
> Also each package maintainer could supply a script which should test if the
> package ran properly.

This requires the package the system is testing to implement an interface for
testing itself. (Like perls "make test")

None of my maintained packages do provide such things. For all of them any
automatic test is impossible as they require user interaction.

Some examples:
mp3c is a ncurses based cd-ripping frontend
xcb maintains a multibuffer for X cut&waste feature

IMHO it's not worth the efford to implement such an autotest-system just for a
small amount of our packages.

cu, ms
n: Michael Schiansky (geek / nerd / dd)
e: michael@schiansky.de e: ms@its.ms

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