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Re: Bits from the DAMs ( & Co)

On 1 Apr 2005, at 08:31, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
- a NM must pay both DAMs a sum of money, randomly choosen at the time
  he applies. This ensures that we always have enough money to process
  the request of NMs, you know it needs time to create accounts!

I still think it's just to finance you your meals. It sounds like this one guy from Freenode who wanted some funds for him watching IRC full-time. :D

Be prepared for a 1GB Debian Mirror in the
future, carrying all useful stuff you need to have.

Define useful... but at least I could then keep a complete one at home. I feel the l33tness already...

As we considered the climate on the lists to be BAD, we just decided to
randomly shut them down. Whenever we[2] don't like a thread this list
will be dropped for at least a week. We are sure that this will help us
to get to a much friendlier atmosphere, as random people already
announced that need a while ago.

Right, no more ftp-master bashing. Strong ACK.

What for? With the end of this day we will remove sarge and woody. We
all run sid anyways, so why bother keeping something always outdated?
Its so much simpler to just work on sid. Believe us, we are the Cabal,
we know that.

Did you file such a bug against ftp.debian.org already? I didn't see one. Or do you want to work without having a BTS? I mean it's easy to change all the policies if only the cabal members have voting rights!

Yes, some ice cream for you.

You fool, do not talk about something to eat in a *serious* e-mail these days.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern
Debian Developer

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