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Re: Bug#283609: phpmyadmin: missing depandance

Le jeudi 07 avril 2005 à 13:08 +0200, Piotr Roszatycki a écrit :
> There is no consistent policy for web applications. I don't want to suggest a 
> webserver as far as the PHP works as FastCGI and don't need the webserver on 
> the same system.

I too feel there is no web applications policy (yet). Though there are
attemps at reaching this goals.
draft proposal for a new web server policy
-> mostly summarized ideas and standards (also talk about /var/www non FHS ness)

Web applications  
-> mostly rambling and wild ideas
policy draft for web server modules, web applications, and database applications
This one is empty regarding web servers (by now). Though the work done in db servers
 could be "copy n pasted"  for web servers. I find it very interesting as dbconfig-common is
 designed to handle all the issues :  remote server, upgrade, password debconf management, backup,
protocol, server capabillites.

For me if all those talks and works does not lead to at least a list where web applications developpers
share their tricks or wish for a policy, there will never be a successfull debian policy/rfc.
Else when on DD will have spend a year building a framework another will rise and prove it don't feet
 with its applications ... the man would need dedication to get back to the design and restart from scratch.
Or we would have to wait for apache team to do all the work . It may have been rationale for virtual host
though it may take long before they attempt to impose their view on web application configuration scheme (maybe RH ?).

The idea of keeping the default config in /usr/share and only providing a few variables in
/etc/ by default is great. Though i guess few other DD know you find it monthes ago ...
On the other side i guess another DD find how to avoid using /var/www without trouble with its users.


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