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Re: Bug#303366: ITP: vimcdoc -- Chinese Translation of Vim Online Help Documents

On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 01:32:59PM +0200, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> Le Mercredi 6 Avril 2005 13:08, Carlos Z.F. Liu a écrit :
> > 2. No commercial use of this software are allowed without written
> >    permission from the author. For written permission, please contact
> >    lang2@users.sourceforge.net
> at least this one means that vimdoc cannot be in main. that's sad.
The upstream author occasionally told me that he want to switch to
GFDL, another non-free license. :) Is there any DFSG free document
license? ... OK, I knew GPL and BSDL is, but not everyone think
docuemntation is equal to software...

But, as I knew, VIM's user manual is OPL, non-free as well. Please have
a look in /usr/share/vim/vim63/doc/usr_01.txt, *01.4*  Copyright.

 Best Regards,

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