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Re: Bug#302419: ITP: nzb -- A binary news grabber using nzb files

Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>> What the heck is an nzb file?  I checked out the listed web site,
>> but it didn't enlighten.
> FYI, I think it is a seperate file that is sometimes posted along with a
> multi-part binary that contains details about the posts that make up
> that binary and their order. Might even be XML. (I sort of remember
> seeing some in binaries groups)
> The long description should probably at least make mention of this.
> PS: Make sure to cc comments about ITPs (and bugs in general) to the
> BTS. I think I've managed to restore the correct cc's.

Yes, that's correct. It's an XML file that describes (multi-part) binary
files using the message-ids of their segments. With that information a
Usenet client can download all parts for a file using just the nzb file,
no need to fetch headers.

nzb files are sometimes posted with the files on Usenet or provided by
Usenet indexing services.

I've added a link to the nzb specification on the project hompage,

Mattias Nordstrom
Oy Realnode Ab


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