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Bug 456789: ITP: libjustdoit -- Always does what you want

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : libjustdoit
  Version         : 1.0
  Upstream Author : Noone. It was just there.
* URL or Web page : Just open your webbrowser after you installed the
                    lib. And the Homepage will be there!
* License         : Whatever you wish it is.
  Description     : Always does what you want.

  This library is THE thing we all waited for. Install it and be
  happy. It just does what you want. It has a lot of built-in functions,
  some are listed below. If one isn't there yet - no problem, just use
  libjustdoit to get it added! Its all that easy!

  Some example functions:
  justdoit() - THE central function in this library, everything else is
               built around this one. A sample call is
               "justdoit(make_coffee)" which will instantly burn your
               refrigerator. Or take "justdoit(mail_beloved)" and see
               how nice it calls your wife.
               Other nice examples one could think of are
               "justdoit(install_sarge)" and watch a gentoo compile run
               (Depends on apt-gentoo from
  get_money() - Instantly calls the policy and locks your door until
                they are there.
  are_we_there_yet() - Hands you an ice-cream immediately.
  get_dpl() - Will instantly hack vote.debian.org, changing the DPL vote
              ensure you are ranked below NOTA.

  Some missing functions:
  release_sarge() - Sorry, this one isn't finished yet. We are still
                    trying to get it working, but it always has bugs and
                    hangs waiting for other stuff.
  get_into_cabal() - Sorry, TINC.

bye Joerg
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