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Re: Automatic testing of Debian packages

[Mads Lindstrøm]
> Do there exist, any other kind of automatic tests that I have not
> mentioned here?

More automatic testing would be good.  Some packages run self-tests as
part of the build process.  More packages should do that.

A long time ago, I wrote a prototype for testing package upgrades.  It
install a package in a woody chroot, edited source.list to point to
sarge, and then run 'apt-get upgrade' in the chroot to see how that
goes.  All packages with no configuration changes are expected to
upgrade nicely.  Not all packages do.

My prototype script is available from
<URL:http://developer.skolelinux.no/~pere/upgrade-testing/>.  I never
found time to get any further.  It would be nice if all packages in
the archive was tested to check if upgrades will work as expected.

(Of course, a more advanced test would modify the config files and see
if the changes survived the upgrade, but that is left as an exercise
for the reader. :)

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