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Bug#304508: Gnome + realplayer10 problem

Package: general
Version: 20051304

Hi I'm using the latest Sarge debian version.

I've encountered something weird and I'm not sure if it has been

Using the latest RealPlayer combine with gnome and any browser, I get
the following when trying to visualise some realplayer stream movies
the internet:

-My desktop split in two and it completely freezes.  The split occurs
from left to right, so my left side is shown on the right of the
and vice versa.  The only solution I found to get out of this is to
restart the GUI.

Under kde I don't get this problem and I can visualize stream with
realplayer without any problems.

-geforce 4 128mb card with the latest nvidia driver.
-1 gig ram
-2.5 ghz intel 4

I got this problem last week and didn't log back in Gnome since.  I
could try to generate the problem again if you need further details.


Stephane Savage

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