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Re: Bug#304266: ITP: sdate -- never ending september date

On Tuesday 12 April 2005 23:20, Klaus Ethgen <klaus@ethgen.de> wrote:
> Am Di den 12. Apr 2005 um 15:01 schriebst Du:
> > Though, rather than having a seperate package for this, it'd probably be
> > better to add it to some other package of small toys.
> Maybe not as it is like fakeroot a preload library which can have
> security issues which the others never will have.

What security issues are you referring to?

Incidentally I wrote a shared object to support changing the apparent time 
which was actually useful for such tasks as Y2K testing and running demo 
software.  Getting it to change the time() library call was easy, changing 
the time stamp on files that were written was more painful.

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